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A square built in minecraft

Minecraft is a very well made game by markus perrson (notch) It is a sandbox game with randomly generated worlds for the player to explore and create onto. what you can create is only limited by your imagination and the fact that it has to be squares. the game only recently left beta and now can be purchased from minecraft. net for £16.95. the only downside to the game is extreme lag spikes every so often and the bugs found in minecraft like lighting problems. these bugs can easily be avoided by downloding mods, however it seems odd that it has to depend on mods for better game play. the game can also be purchased on apple and android devices in classic mode but is alot better on  the pc as non player characters are there to get food from, for example eggs.

From the beginning of minecraft there has been major updates bringing in new areas such as the nether and the end, and bringing in of new mobs such as the ender dragon and the ender men, these are only little examples and ofcourse there are many more.

Also you can designing your own character. this can be done with simple progams such as MSpaint. this is a large advantage when playing online with friends so you can see eachother easily. unfortunately it seems to be quite difficult to make a private server for a player and his friends and there arent many good servers for a player to play without being griefed by other players. but it is not impossible to make a private server like other games so this is an advantage.

Recently Notch stopped developing minecraft to go and develop Scrolls, however minecraft has not been abandoned and has been left with the developer known as Jeb who is open to mods and wants to put a mod list into the game so files do not have to be modified. Notch was smart to leave minecraft with such a good developer.

over all the game is completely worth the price and i highly reccomend buying it.

as of 1.1.2012 Game play at: http://www.youtube.com/user/torchtheroof?feature=mhee


A house built in minecraft