I'm a huge fan of playing older games, specifically the greats such as Modern Warfare 2. It's not because of my mid-system requirements that I chose to go down this path but my love for the thrill that modern games seem to forget. It seems the thrill becomes patched over with the need to sell more by rebranding the previous versions thus the storyline or multiplayer modes become somewhat forgotten - sorry, Modern Warfare 3. However, I still remain an adamant fan of the Call of Duty series for all the errors I could suggest and all the stick if receives from its rivals - as well as girlfriends.

Like the previous Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare, it offers the same multiplayer mode. The features remain virtually the same only with the addition of different game modes which were introduced later in the game via patches for the PC and game updates for the other things (consoles). Essentially, it remained as first-person shooting, but what Infinity Ward did to utilise its potential made it, at least in my opinion, one of the best multiplayer games ever sold.

When I got my first kill on the day of its release, I almost yelped to find out I'd achieve a whopping 100 points! In the previous Call of Duty, points were a very hard to come by part of the multiplayer experience rewarding 10 for a standard Team Deathmatch kill as well as rewarding them solely for doing something such as planting a bomb or calling in a UAV. After realising the system now worked with one extra digit, I realised this was big business. Infinity Ward took control of the points system and made sure that almost everything a player did didn't go unnoticed. Whether you were saving a team mate from an almost certain death or simply avenging your previous death, points were award variably making the menial task of playing the same maps over and over again that bit more awesome as you racked up sadistic combinations.

Not only are points much more freely awarded making moving up the extended 70 ranks easier, but you also have the option to pick a shiny new title and badge to go with it. They are awarded in relevance to something a player has done. For example: if a player completes the task of knifing x amount of people in the back, they're award the "Backstabber" title with a picture - look at all the pretty colours! Admittedly, although these were merely a perk to help prevent players losing boredom, they certainly did make me try a little harder when I would play with friends or simply on my own. After all, names aren't just names if you have a bar of "soap" and a Saudi Arabian flag around them, are they?

Another thing that solidifies the awesomeness of Modern Warfare 2 is its range of new weapons. Not only have numerous new weapons been added which open up the field to some new fast-flowing combat but the secondary weapons have been expanded ten-fold. Now, shotguns along with rocket launchers of all sorts and even machine pistols are amongst the side arms you are able to wield. What's better is you also have the ability to add certain upgrades such as Red Dot Sight to even to your secondary weapon making running out of bullets for you very deadly for your opponent! That said, the range of add-ons has also been expanded allowing thermal vision, FMJ, a holographic sight and even a heartbeat sensor to be added so you can have a constant source of UAV even when "blind." Now if that's not modern warfare at its best, I don't know what is.

As ever, the maps remain a challenge for all players, but now provide a much more complex range of short to long distance areas to explore - and kill in. Whether you're fighting your way out of a Brazilian mine or even on the top of a sky scraper, you can be assured that you may be in the scope of an enemy from any angle only adding to the speed of the game and the numerous techniques required to help master it. The maps remain diverse although some are prone to have a strong like/dislike. However, it's the diversity which helps balance out the gameplay for all players as opposed to the small single level maps seen in Modern Warfare.

The game still retails at around £20 and can be picked up cheap online, but it is without a doubt one of the most action packed first-person multiplayer shooters that I've played in a very long time. Although Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops have succeeded Modern Warfare 2, its strong fan base allows you to relive a truly epic battle of what really is modern warfare and experience sensational online play for a decent price.