FIFA 2012
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This is NOT a screenshot taken by me.

On the end of september 2011 EA Games released their newest creation: Fifa 12. It represents one of the longest series from EA. This year, FIFA tries to bring into our homes the best football graphics and specific effects.

The story: well...there is no story. Just a bunch of little virtual players trying to insert a baloon between two poles.

Even if is not a big step just like it was FIFA 10, the game still brings an improvement unlike the other games from the series.  Probably the best improvement we can see is in the physical interaction section. It is called Player Impact Engine and when two players collide they lose their balance.

On the other side the producers named Tactical Defending the new game mechanics which is a total new engine.

Even so, there are some bugs which can be easy patched and I'm not going to count them.

It is FIFA 12 a good game? Absolutely! Is not a big step forward, but is a well done game. For the fans of the series is still worth a purchase.


That's all folks! Hope you could read this!