This is NOT a screenshot taken by me.

You want it, you have it! This is the review of Test Drive Unlimited 2 or, how I like to call it: Sims with cars

This game brings more luxury, new cars and new inovations. This time, your motivation is not a fictive final. Is more likely overcoming your condition as a valet. This is not the best scenario and the dialogues will make you go crazy because of their worse performing.

But, has anyone played Underground for the story? I don't think so! I think that this game doesn't need an interesting story but an extremely refined gameplay. Besides the bad story, the game has a progression system. This explains that you can reach a maximum level of 60 by completing this 4 available mods: Competition, Social, Discovery and Collection.

The gameplay has been improved since TDU 1. Cars are now more realistic to control and you can interact in different ways with de envyroment. Also, the graphics arenow breathtaking. The map is a reproduction of Ibiza. The creators used satellite images to replay the the finest details.

What displeased me were dozens of bugs. Not often I woke up with trees that appear out of nowhere, enemies with half of the car or decorative elements that simply are not registered by the game as being there and is very easy to pass trough. Eden Games promises that many of these bugs will be patched very soon.

That's all folks. Hope you could read this!