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The whole blind polar bear thing.

It's finally time that I branch out into formal writing, and there's no other place I'd rather to start out at other than Vindictus. One of the first controversial things that people tend to flock to when they first enter this magnificent game is the gender-locked classes; I can understand that it's an MMOrpg and some players end up getting themselves killed by being distracted by their own "boobies physx", but it's a mmoRPG and gender locking allows them to create a better story. 
Speaking of the story; It may be generic and dull at times, but Vindictus is the ONLY mmorpg that has managed to get me to actually read the story. How is that possible? It's quite simple, they don't flood you with a block of text, one or two lines at a time is all it took to get me hooked. I am always aching to turn in a quest or running into a cutscene just to see how it turns out. 
Vindictus is not all about watching things jiggle and reading text though, it's true highlight is in it's gameplay; It feels as if you're playing a console game, especially now that they offically support gamepads. Whiether it's stomping spiders, setting giant blind polar bears on fire or stripping a Succubus, it's always exciting when charging into war against the hordes monsters. If you want a true challenge though, head on over to Resenlian's Labyrinth with 41 floors and several different random mini-game battle modes it'll be a nice getaway from the regular monsters. 
Of course, fighting those hordes of monsters, no matter the battle mode, can get a bit dull and that's why the goddess created crafting. Gathering the required materials from the piglets guarding the marketplace, running to the conveniently placed stalls and standing there while you play with a puff of smoke... Alright, alright, so crafting isn't all that great. It's more of the "afk->profit", and in some cases "afk->loss". You can however, avoid hemorrhage money by planning ahead with one of the best databases I have ever seen in any game, VindictusDB. 
I would highly recommend this game to any person that likes rpgs, mmorpgs, console games or anyone that just likes watching things bounce, but in the end, there is nothing to do but create yet another character and repeat everything you did in the past all over again; Vinidctus truly lacks end-game content.

Total Score: 7.5
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 7/10
Story: 7/10
Community: 8/10