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"Ragnarok-Online", those two words, when combined, give a great deal of people a sense of nostalgia, for this wonderful game is over nine years old! Nine! Even after all that time and even though 2011 was the worst player-count year on record for Ragnarok Online, it still has well past a million dedicated players among the 17 official servers, and the hundreds of illegal private servers(Which I do not endorse). One of the reasons there are still so many players is the game's class count; In it's life time it has given birth to 52 classes altogether and more are coming! 
When you first start out in the realm of Midgard you will be but a humble novice that can become one of six basic classes and four "extended" classes. When you hit the maximum job level, yes, I said job level(skill), you can choose one of two advancement classes; once you reach the maximum levels once again you will be reborn as a "high" novice and no, that does not mean you're reborn as a hippie that licks toads. As you work your way back up you will become a "transcendent" class version of whatever job you had chosen before  and then you will become the third job class, or you can choose to go to the third class before transcending... Confusing, isn't it?
Another one of Ragnarok Online's well-known features is the card system. When you defeat a monster you will occasionally get it's card and when imbued into equipment they will become enhanced with magical effects; I'm not just talking about stats, but enabling skills and activating them automatically when hitting or being hit! With over 700 possible cards and thousands of combinations there's no limit to your character's build! 
Although cards are great, two of the reasons behind hunting them are even better! 1) WoE: I'm talking about War of Empierum, or W.o.E. or "guild wars". This war is for one thing, control; Control over a furnished castle and it's staff. Not to mention the magical treasure chests that come from... Well... Hmm... Who cares! Free stuff!! 2) MvPs: No, I'm not talking about the best players, but the best monsters! Bosses, just like many regular monsters are based on Norse mythology and are truly fascinating, scary and badass. If you plan to take one down, you're going need some great cards or some good allies. 
The graphics are very dated, the gameplay gets dull fast, players are rude, but there is something that keeps dragging me back to Ragnarok Online; Whither it's the lore, classes or simply my inability to let go of the past, I'll never truly separate from Ragnarok. 

Total Score: 7
Gameplay: 8/10 
Graphics: 6/10      (Lovely, but dated art-style) 
Story/lore: 10/10 
Community: 4/10      (Rudeness is everywhere.)

The OUTDATED (but edited) job tree.