Batman: Arkham City
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This has got to be one of the best looking games i have played on the pc, with a really detailed storyline. You start off where you left in arkham asylum, trying to catch the joker. The joker is now critically ill due to all the titan he took back on arkham asylum. Within the game you meet some great characters like Mr Freeze, Mr Cobblepot (Penguine), Victor Zaz, Hugo Strange, Ra Al Gould and of course the Riddler is back with his trophy chasing. But as for Playable characters Cat woman is a real treat as you can level her up as you do with batman and she even has her own unique set of weapons. along with her own single player quest. There are also Robin and Nightwing but they are only to be played in the challenge maps. As for the single player campign, you finally chase joker down in the begining and just when you think you have him he has tricked you and tied you up and pumped you full of his toxic blood, so from here you have to try and find an antidote whilst stopping Hugo Strange from totally blowing up up arkham city. It is action packed to say they least as well as Side quests involving Thomas Elliot, Deadshot and Baine.


All of this is enriched with a great visual and sounding game and should be enjoyed on a high spec PC not a console, as a game of this quality should be given the respect it deserves and enjoyed in real High Def.

Does anybody else share a different view?


I think that prior to this arkham asylum is really indepth and complete  game for anybody looking to get an insight to what to expect in arkham city. You can also pick up Achievements and play with an xbox controller which to me is an added bonus.


Would be nice to be able to play robin in the main game. Not just as a feature in the challenge maps. Nightwing has got to be the best character in the chalenge maps, with some of the best gadgets and weapons you could ask for. 10/10 for me even no there is no multiplayer - and as always the Riddler trophies are awsome all 440 of them! Well done Warner Bros, going to pre order Batman 3 as soon as possible!