Mafia 2
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Hello, so today, you are going to read a review about Mafia II. It is an evolution from Mafia The City of Lost Heaven, but also a nerf. Here I am going to show you why:


First, let's talk about the story. The first Mafia's story was longer, and more deeper, and you knew Tommy very well. The second Mafia's story was shorter, and not so deep. The only reason it was like that because things we're cut out, and there were problems with money. I think Mafia II would be a perfect game if it weren't cut. Now, let's go to weapons. Yup, weapon system in Mafia II was good, in Mafia I it was great for a 2002 game. But the problem is are the weapons types. In Mafia I, there were firearms, melee and explosives. In Mafia II, there were only firearms and explosives. Sadly, again they cut out melee. Finally, places. Mafia I - took inspiration from 30s. Everything was original, takes place in Lost Heaven. Ofcourse same goes for Mafia II, places we're original also, takes place in Empire Bay.

Arlight, so here is a small bit of Mafia II's story:

Vito Scalleta, a man from Sicily, did various crimes with his buddy Joe. But, one day came and he was arrested. He went to serve for the army, When he got out, his buddy greeted him. Vito later found out that his father had a debt to pay - 2000$. He had to get some cash, so Joe found him some work. Try the game to find out the rest!



Well, overall Mafia II was a really enjoyable game, but it could be a PERFECT game if it weren't for cutout content. Sadly, Dan Vavra left the team when the game was developed. Since he came up with most ideas. So what I suggest is check out both of these games.