Mafia 2
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When i first played this game i thought it was a bit boring, but when you are going through the game you get to meet great characters like,  leo, marty, henry, eddie and joe. I like the way the story is linked around two friends that have been trying to make it big for years. You see them do all sorts of things for money everything from drug dealing to scraping cars to taking out people. There are three main families that control the city and you work for whoever is paying good at the time. You eventually become a Made Man which means you have been brought into the family and you get good perks like nice cars, lots of money and loads of women. But the price you pay when you take the oath is you have to do whatever the head of the family demands even if it means killing your own brother. There was only one part that i was really suprised at was when you go and meet henry in the park and he is getting chopped up in to pieces by the chinese with meat cleavers. What a shocker! And then it turns out he may have been an informant for the FBI!

 I like the part when you go to jail and you find out exactly what it is like inside, like the wardens making your life hell and when people try it on in the showers and you end up fighting. And then there are the cars what great detail and modding ability. Also when in prison Leo takes you in and looks after you, it is now that you find out it doesn't costs £5000 to be brought in to the family, and your boss was trying to tuck you up.

Overall a very detailed game with good story line great misssions and interesting characters. Really enjoyed and hope they are planning a Mafia 3! 2K games are really suprising me at the moment, keep up the good work!