3 Skulls of Toltecs
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Just a bit of grociery stea... shopping!

Nowadays, in the era of DX11, SLI/CrossFire and 3 gHz - QuadCore, a point-and-click adventure game really has to excell in quite a lot of things to be noticed. This game - after 15 years - still amazes me every single time I install it and here is how it does that:

The first thing that we see after starting the game is the very distinctive graphics. The colors are vivid, the backgrounds are detailed and beliveable. The characters' movements and facial expressions really make them come alive with every step they take, they are beautifully drawn and all of them are unique in the sense of personality and behaviour. The sound effects are tasteful and lifelike. The voice acting is top-shelf performance as well, which I believe helps the players put themselves in the protagonist's shoes and lots of times turns out to be the source of humour.

And speaking of humour: in this game it comes from the most unlikely places. Sure, some charatcers are funny, there are many direct jokes but these are not the majority. If I had to descibe the the game's sense of humour in one word it would be the word 'grotesque'. For instance when the hero, Fenimore Filmore breaks a parking sign with a karate-chop acompanied by a scream of 'heee ya!' in a western themed game that's pretty damn funny! And the whole journey is filled with these little 'random' stuff that make the game so very colorful.

The story starts with an intro cutscene, in which we learn about the Treasure of the Toltecs and the 3 golden skulls that are the keys to reach it, from a dying peddler. He gives the hero one of the skulls, but Filmore manages to lose it in about one and a half minute. The objective at this point becomes pretty clear: find the skulls, find the treasure. Of course it's easier said, than done...

I would say the control system is the usual, nothing revolutionary about it. You have 8+1 verbs at your disposal: open, pick-up, use, talk, close, give, look, move and the mouse click is the go-to command. When you move to an other location it's either managed by screen slide technique, or with a map. To use the map, first you must have to obtain it, and performe some other various tasks.

The game originally was designed for DOS and even though on some forums there is mentioned a windows version as well, I really don't belive there is one. You'll need DOSbox to run it and with that it works like a charm.

Have fun with this little piece of gaming history!

Check the well, it worths it!