Cricket 2005
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Cricket 2005 is a good game for cricket lovers.

I have played this game more then 1000 times but this game will never be boring. and the faclity for create your own players is exellent but when you create a player it needs a commentary name and there is a limited range of commentary name and no provision for adding commentry name.But the gameplay is good and autofield is good never cheats.but there is no provision for creating teams and training net are good in train you have a timing meter to improve your timing but there is hard to play backfoot shots (w).

and the provision for autoplay for an example: when you are bowling don't want to bowl any more then use autoplay

 and you can play 10, 20 and 50 overs match also you can play world cup turnament in west indies,england,South Africa,Asia,Austraila and new zeland.

you have teams like austraila,bangladesh,canada,england,India,Kenya,Namibia,Netherland,new zeland,Pakistan,South Africa,USA,Sri lanka,west indies and Zimbabwe.

you can also play test series.

Sorry for any spelling mistake.
So end of review and i hope you liked it!

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