Midtown Madness
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This game has made for those who love racing games but not have good hardware.

Midtown Madness is based on Chicago, USA. 

In this game you have very few range of cars. and the fastest one is Panoz GTR 1.

in this game you have a highway to race with police.Police comes when you crime for ex.- breaking the traffic singnal,or been broke the speed limit and to do stunts you have lots of brige to jump of and crashed to buildings or jumping in the river.

When you jumped in the river a comment shows for ex.Sleep with the fishes.

you have four modes number one is Cruise - Cruise is for Test Drive Different Cars and explore the city without the pressure of racing.

mode 2 is Blitz Race - Blitz Race is for Swing through the checkpoints and go for the finish line before time runs out! and there is no police.

and the third one is Checkpoint race - Checkpoint race is for Choose a route to snag all the checkpoints before your opponents do! in this race you have police also!

and the last one is Circuit Race - Circuit Race is for Finish laps as quickly as you can on charted cources through the city without traffic and police!

and there is provision for multiplayer also.

I hope you like that review.

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