Saints Row 3
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   Saints Row The Third, Also known as Saints Row 3, SR3 has been developed by Volition.Inc and published by THQ in November 2011. That means it's released only 3 months ago. This is the third game from the "Saints Row Series". This game series is very familiar to the "Grand Theft Auto Series". This game is fully open world. Most of the story is based on gang fights.

I love playing GTA and when I heard about this game, I really wanted to try it. Things that made me play this game, firstly, I would like to mention the bobble heads (they looks cool, never seen them before), character customization (sorry if I'm repeating this over and over for four times), You can dance and taunts (the best). In the game, you get to experience zombies, brutes, etc,......

 For your enjoyment, here is the game's story shortened. Game starts off with a bank robbery with you and your gang (3rd Street Saints) , and you get busted, but you and your gang escape the prison. When you escape the prison you've got problem with another gang (name is Morning-star) and your friend Johnny Gat dies. After that you get to do some missions/levels/things for your friends. Game get complicated at the end. You get to pick your own choice, ex: Let your friend die or kill the bad guy. You've to pick whatever choice you want.

 In my opinion, I loved  the game, I love open world game, If you're waiting for the "Grand Theft Auto V" to come out, try playing this game till it comes. This game is a must buy game! You'll never get bored by playing this game.

 Overall rating from me for this game is 10 because it has everything, graphics are awesome, still looks amazing on low, character customization in this game is in a very high level, never gets bored.

I recommend you to buy this game, play it and enjoy it!

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