great game

Well i am writing this review because someone said that "Knowing the past is preparing for future" i am talking about the NFS Most Wanted which is great game it has great gameplay,good story,and good graphics.The great thing about this game is that it is not that demanding.This game as new features like the Rapsheet and new tactics of the police to stop you tactics like SUV's,Roadblocks,spike stripes,and police helicopters.Some of this features are absent in the other NFS underground and hot pursuit games.This game is one of the best street racing game ever launched by EA games I enjoy this game very much and the heartpumping racing and police pursuits just awesome to play.

In career mode first we drive a awesome BMW M3 GTR with this car we just leave our rivals in dust but we lose this car in the story and we bounce back from zero to hero in this game we unlock cars as we beat the blacklist rivals.This is one of the feature that we can't find in other NFS games.We have to beat 15 blacklist rivals in order to get our old ride back each rival has their own special race.After beating one rival we get to choose something from that includes his car also this feature makes the game more real and give the gamer great racing experience as well.

The things we choose from the blacklist rivals is known as markers and there is total 6 markers in this game and the cars is just awesome i personally enjoy driving the BMW M3 GTR and of course the all american muscle car Ford mustang GT each blacklsit rivals drive different cars and there is special type race like tollbooth and speedtraps which important to gain respect in this game and there are features in police pursuits as well.There are places in the game where we can hide which ends the police pursuits much faster which show on the map with blue round blip and if we want to destroy some police cars we just drive through a gas station this is known as pursuit breakers as its name says it all it is meant to do one thing break pursuit it is shown in the map with red triangle shaped blip.Our main aim is to beat the number 1 blacklist rival Razor he is the guy who stole our ride.police pursuits is important in this game and a epic police chase at the end of the game gives a the game a solid finish.

                                          START YOUR ENGINES AND LEAVE YOUR RIVAL IN DUST

GRAPHICS : 8.5/10

GAMEPLAY : 9.5/10

STORY         : 10/10

OVERALL    :  9/10

                                                            THANK YOU FOR READING

great car