Deus Ex 3
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After playing the first deus ex i was a big time fan. but then the second (Invisable War) was a good game but for me it lacked the zing of the first. It had new features such as the black market, but i still didnt take to it really well and started to lose faith in the series. When Human revolutions was first released i was reserved about purchasing it, even though it had 10/10 on most platforms. As you can imagine my delight at playing it, it was like slowly opening a christmas presnt all the way through - suspence, action, espionage, rpg all combined into one.  The other thing i like about this is there are alot of references from the first game such as codes 0451 the code used in the elevator in human revolutions was the one to open the weapons hatch in the first.

The main story is about a guy called adam jensen, he is a normal human until a terrorist attack one day leaves him needing augmentations. But not only this, it is assumed that his girlfriend is killed in the attack. But she isnt and you have to go searching for her and the other medical team members. It is an insane story line with alot of truly great side missions, and the DLC the missing link fills in the part of the story you are missing and it fits in so well. The action is intense with awsome weapons and upgrades, you also either have a choice of stealth or straight up shooting. There are always two options to every mission even if they arent obvious ones!

One of the true greats of pc gaming!! 10/10