Ahhhh batman, another superhero game. Will it be as bad as the rest? Lets find out.


Just by looking at the game "Batman Arkham Asylum" You aren't generally going to think "OH GOODY, this game will be great!" and neither will looking at the back of the game cover either. Sometimes you've just got to try it.


This game is amazing even just by looking at it you will know that it is not some small budget game, the story line hooked me and so did everything else the game came with! The story starts of with the cliche'd catching the joker and putting him into the prison, or in this case asylum, and then the game changes. Joker breaks free of course but he doesn't run, instead he takes control of the asylum with a bunch of his friends. The story has twists and a number of boss fights including the joker himself, poison ivy, scarecrow and many more! and how do you suppose we take them out? with the amazing combat system


The combat system is simple and effective...well that is for the beginning of the game. As you progress you will fight different kinds of thugs with different weapons like guns, bats, pipes and stun sticks! These things make the game all the more difficult. Actually fighting consists of two buttons, left click attacks and right click counter attacks but later on using your gadgets is crucial and it requires good timing and tactical thinking


Every so often the game will hit you up with a new gadget, you start with the basic batarang and move on to cooler gadgets like the grappling hook, batclaw and x-ray vision. These can be used to hook onto and swing from gargoil to gargoil and watch your preys from high above waiting for the right moment to hit them with a batarang, glide down, take them out and then quickly grapple back up to your safe gargoils. The thugs will eventualy stumble across the body and alert each other. While this is happening you will be able to see their heart beats if you are in detective mode and watch as they get scared and randomly fire bullets every now and then.


There is so much i could say about this game but lets keep it short and sweet and say this game is amazing! and you will never know till you try it. After i finished playing this game all i wanted to do was sneak around people and be batman! but i couldn't so i just hired the movies instead..


Wether you're a true batman fan or not this game will pull you in till the end!