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This game, apart from all the racial references, is AMAZING! This game has got action has got explosions has got sweet ammunition! the graphics are spectacular and not to mention the music.

First let’s look at the graphics and the gameplay, ultimate sweetness can be found in the graphics, with a good rig u can get the most out of the game the terrain, buildings and overall the application controlled Antialiasing ability is great. The structures, units, and the army all are well developed. But I don’t really like the structures if you’re a beginner the symmetry won’t make much of a sense. None the less the gameplay is pretty good. U get to target the enemy, u got these search and destroy missions all these things blend up to gather to deliver a good game. On contrary the controls do suck a bit, or u can blame that on AI which is not that awesome. Most of the times the units can’t even figure who to target if they are in a group However, the weapons they bear and the overall explosive affects are totally awesome.

The story is, well, stupid. Killing Einstein and preventing the nukes from coming in to existence well they shouldn’t put that kind of stuff in video games as they may be offensive to certain individuals. But the things is if Ur to rely on the story, it depends how u want to take it. If u want to enjoy the game you’re going to enjoy the story but, otherwise in most of the cases as I’ve observed.

So far I have complete soviet campaign and I really enjoyed it, off course they threw in PORN STARS (lanny Barbie perhaps) for an affective promo and it did a pretty good job in selling the product. but I'm not really sure if it's her. hmmmm....  

AH! Not to mention the special agents, apart from not having nuclear weapons, this is the most amazing thing in the game. Each team has its own HOT CHICK with cool special abilities. I like NATSHA special agent from Soviet Union, she’s got some serious sniping skills, very effective against the ground units or infantry to be exact. She can also destroy enemy structures by pointing out the location of the specific structure to the reinforcements. SO YUP SHE ROCKS!

And this was what I think about RA3. opinions do differ. farewell :)