still he could use a haircuit

Well this is the latest prince of persia game  launched bu UBIsoft well this is next chapter of sands of time.Well this game has few extra features that is absent in other prince of persia games features like the power to control elements thats something new about this game and big scale fighting wow just mind blowing pesonally i would say that if your are mad of something and you want to kill something then this the game to get.In this game there is a lot things we can kill and destroy.Each prince of persia games has unique set of features in this game the player can control elements like water and time this set features play a important role in gameplay.The important part of combat is crowd control and of course we can't kill everyone so we have to evade some enemies.

And there combos is great and prince of persia games is known for its combo attacks and style kill and it has tough controls like when we are running through walls we have do a spirit hook this kind of tough to do i have fallen of from the walls for thousand times it is only downfall of this game as far as i am concerned this is a hell of a game to play personally i would like to kill someone like that for prince of persia fans its a good and fantastic game to play after ever the downfall of this game it never bores you while playing it.Well the plot is good we can say that where ever this guy goes there is always war,fighting and bloodshed and of course the boss battles is not that bad but still it can be better but overall a interesting story and we all know the gameplay is similar to assassin's creed

Well there is no blocking in this game and quick time events is used to finish bosses in the game thats a downfall i just loved the quick kill in the prince of persia Two Thrones it saves time and allows gamer to kill the enemy much faster and safer and we have use his powers in any way that it can help take for example the Whirlwind acts like a elevator in this game and there is a lot of ways that his powers can be used.For this game you need brain and skill thats something very good and innovative.Overall i would say its not bad but it can be made better

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