Orcs Must Die
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Ladies and gentlemen, ORCS MUST DIE! This game is what we a “Cool Game” starts with an old man who cracks open his skull on the footsteps, have been defending rifts for a long time, about 300 years, killing thousands of Orcs in that time period. So, now that he’s dead, okay this is what bothers me if he’s dead how come he telling a story? anyways, I haven’t completed the game yet so who knows maybe he’s alive, the whole responsibility falls on his apprentice he’s got a COOL character, in my opinion, and is funny as well.

So, let’s start with the weapons, his default weapon is a crossbow which is a total fun to shoot all over the place. Second thing is he can choose various traps from the old mans “spell book” (seriously, It shouldn’t be called a spell book cuz it doesn’t have any spells in it) which can be place at desired locations inside the rift to project some resistance to the attacking orcs u can place certain traps on the floor, walls u can strategically place ur archers, present in the spell book, where ever u see fit. But again it shouldn’t be called a spell book.

This game has got a SWEET game play it’s a ton of fun killing mad orcs and the most important thing is the “impact’ I mean when u kill something u actually fell killing something, not like some other games such as Tomb raider: underworld which totally lacks IMPACT.  The guy can jump as well which kinda came to me as a surprise and this is one of those positive points, cuz I was expecting that the guy can’t jump.  So u can jump u can hack and slash u can eliminate the orcs from a distance, blend em all together, and we get 8/10 for a gameplay.

So, the whole idea of the game is protect the rifts which if successfully done, skull rewards are given which are used to upgrade the traps. Orcs mainly include archer orcs, stupid charging orcs, and weird goblin like orcs that move really fast. I really appreciate the music in the game especially the one that plays if u clear a stage which if followed by a funny dance the guy does. Here's how I rate the game.

Story: 7/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Graphics: 8/10

Music: 7/10