Battlefield 2
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just mind blowing

Well who can forget this game every gamer just enjoyed and loved playing this game for hours and still keep playing even if the new battlefield game.Battlefield 3 has been launched but still gamers loave playing this game well this game was launched in 2005.But still it is one of the best FPS games ever.Players play in new battlefield with new weapons the single players features the war between US Marines, China and the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition.The gameplay is just awesome.

The multiplayer allows the gamer to battlefield 2 online with friends forming their own squads and its own commander to do the teamwork total this game just rocked 2005.This game have to be best game launched in 2005 it has great graphics well it has the best graphics back in 2005.And whats a war without Infantry classes in battlefield 2 there is a lot of Infantry classes each class has its own weapon and features.For example infantry with grenade-launcher equipped assault-rifles and extra armor, Medics carry first-aid equipment such as a field defibrillator, and Anti-Tank troopers are equipped with missiles which are effective against heavy armor.

well i am just speechless when i talk about this game and the Vehicles are great there is a lot vehicles to choose including jets,helicopters and so on.And weapons are just mind blowing we get choose a variety of weapons like  G36C, SCAR-L, G3, Heckler & Koch MP7, F2000, FN P-90, G36E, L85A1, L96A1, Barrett M95, MG36 and several others.Which unlock while we gain rank overall its a great,awesome,fantastic FPS war game launched by EA games ever.

                                                     FANTASTIC WAR CHOOSE YOUR SIDE AND START KILLING .......

                                                                    THANK YOU FOR READING