Bloodline Champions
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Hi guys, Since Christmas, like most of us, I have been on a hort financial leash leaving me a poor budget to spend on game for my new beautiful gaming rig. So I have been surfing the web like an Ausie surfer dude who has drank WAY too much Monster/Relentless, looking for cheap/free games to enjoy. Again like most of you out there I found DOTA, LoL & such which led me to a gem of a game called Bloodline Champions!!!! 

Bloodline Champions is basically a free-to-start (I''l get to that later) multiplayer PvP arena game which has been developed by Stunlock Studios, a new up'n'coming development studio lead by people like you and me to come up with fresh & fun games!

Before we get to the gameplay I'd like to say a bit on the layout and features. For a free game it look pretty impressive with its in-game community chat, marketplace to buy and upgrade, Knowledge base etc. You find yourself playing more and more to see what new things you can unlock. You will also note a part in which you can customize your character to a spec which you would like, whether you ike to flash heal, tank or deal massive DPS its all customizable. 

One issue you will find whilst browsing through the marketplaces etc is that whilst Bloodline Champions is free to play, if you wish to be anything more than a casual gamer or use the tournement feature to its fullest you will have to buy little upgrades which are cheap enough but as we all know from playing EVE Online or even CoD with its map packs we can end up spending an arm & a leg!!

Now to the best bit, the gameplay. There are a few different types of game to play with the main style being Arena there are also Artifact (based on capture the flag) games in which you fight to secure parts of an artifact which can be won off of the oppising team. Conquest where you will be attempting to cap areas to win the match. But we shall discuss the Arena style gameplay which is usually 3v3  which can be comprised of any class/archetype. The classes or Bloodlines in this case have a good variety from the Blood Priest healer to Glutton tank. There are about 6 of each archetype tanks, healers, ranged DPS and Melee DPS.

Once you have selected what Bloodline takes your fancy the game begins!! It is set in a RTS/Arena style allowing a overhead view of the arena. You move with WASD pad and mouse point and all other attack/defencive buttons are nice on close by making the game simple to play yet purely skill based rather than who has the best class it's more "who can wield their class best"

Its fun, fast and the Bloodline abilities are varied and look impressive with a nice finishing move available!

All in all for a casual fun & addictive "mostly free" game it's 100% worth playing!