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See! Thats how you die!

 So........ let's get to the bottom

  This game is one of the first Need For Speed games that have been released in Need For Speed Series. Need For Speed 2 SE, it self released in 1997. Also, one of the first games I've ever played. This is the special edition of Need For Speed 2, and this was where Need For Speed took their place. Forgot to mention, this game was developed and published by Electronic Arts, one of the wonderful game makers in my opinion.

I'm reviewing this game because, you know, one of the oldest games I've ever played!

 This game proves that every game doesn't have to have a story because Need For Speed 2 Special Edition is just plain racing, but there are three different main game types. They are, single race, tournament, knockout. Single player has six different types of tracks, and they are Mediterranean, Mystic Peaks, Proving Grounds, Outback, North Country, and Pacific Spirit. To make this game more fun, try using cheat codes, they can make your car a dinosaur, cart, etc, ....... Also, you get to unlock some bonus cars to win races easily. This was one of the best games in that time. Game got some audio commentaries and information about cars and things like that because it's the Special Edition. Need For Speed 2 SE have some awesome soundtracks that you can enjoy.

 When you compare this game to Need For Speed: The Run, this game has ultra low graphics, that you can't imagine or explain, but a nice classic game. Game got no police at all. The great thing is, most PC's can run this game maxed out, even the oldest ones.

 In my opinion, I loved playing multiplayer on split screen, sometimes I win and sometimes I lose.I really really recommend you to try this game. If you're looking just for plain racing game, try this.

  Overall a great game. because of the unexplainable graphics, never gets bored, not much cars to pick from, one of the best games I've ever played.


Have fun playing it!

My old gaming pig handles the game very well!