'Need For Speed : The Run' is a great game. Beginning with an amazing escape sequence, the game is filled with adrenaline! With a variety of cars to choose from, blasting through the ultra realistic environments rendered by the FrostBite 2 Engine is nothing but pure fun.

Autolog is back in the scene and is awesome as ever. Autolog is like one of the best online-platform that I have seen in a game..

Even then BlackBox did make some mistakes. 

The biggest drawback of this game is that you feel like the game is never giving you the ultimate experience :/ Now, I don't know how to put this in any other form except this: "It feels like BlackBox wanted to do a lot with the game but EA snatched it from them and released it lol".

When the game was shown at E3 lastyear, the developers put a lot of stress on the "action" / "out-of-vehicle" experience in the game. Now, I have to admit that those sequences were cool.... But after having completed the game, I feel like they were quite "unwanted" :/ 

It feels like they didn't put that much effort into it.


The Storyline. I have to admit that this game has the "dumpest" story line in a game released in 2011.  Blackbox just wanted a reason to send some reason for those sequences I mentioned before.


The ability to change the vehicle only by entering petrol stations while racing can sometimes be a pain-in-the-@$$ :/


On the whole, NFS:The Run is a great package. but it doesn't render its true soul.