Although i started gaming recently, i do have a fair idea about the existing quality of game available out there and trust me, BFBC2 is one of the good ones. the game alopws you to control a variety of vehicles that include quadbikes, jeeps, helicopter, tank, armoured truck. i have to say this but the AI challeenge seems to be moderate(i mean u can get them quite easily if you are a natural). the story line keeps you engaged as to whats gonna happen next.(seriously even though i completed it within a day or two, i couldn't let it go!). there's a good variety of maps from snowy blizzards, to heavy snow, to grasslands, to jungles, to urban cities, to even a aircraft(:D). the story line is about and russian invasion in the united states with the aid of a weapon, that was developed by the japanese during the secong world-war. the protoganist 'Marlowe' (yes he is the same from BFBC) has to retrieve the scalar weapon, which was lost during a extraction operation in 1944(code name aurora). and so the race begins to find the scalar weapon as the red army colonel kirilenko has a keen interest in that weapon too. i m sure that you'll enjoy this game. (if you are think of buying it please do, i m sure you wont regret your decision, and i am sorry to disclose some of the story line, couldn't help it). also i forgot to mention, you have crates on every level where you can switch weapons from your inventry. the inventry displays the weapon that you have collected so far, so this was very kind of the developers to give us a weapon of choice to suite different levels. ALL IN ALL AWESOME GAME GIVE IT A SHOT!