This is one of the most awesome games that i have ever played. that is due to the fact that there is no money in this game, no upgrades for vehicles, no boss!. i mean the racing game mentality uptill now was there was atleast one boss in every game. also i never got bored of this game cause once you start playing this, you'll never know as the time goes by. Variety of cars which have certain resemblence to on road super cars, and the best part of it, is the moment you 'CRASH', the crash cam is way out of anyone's league. also another cool thing is burnout paradise city is not only about winning racing, but also completing challenges. this game features 4 kinds of challenges. the 1st being a normal race where the objective is to reach the finish line first. the 2nd is a 'marked man' challenge where a number of black vehicles will try to wreck your car, and your objective is to reach the finish line in one piece. the 3rd is the stunt run, where within a specified amount of time a certain sum of points have to be earned just by performing stunts on your way(dont worry much, you have ramps and loops throughout the city). the 4th is the takedown challenge wherein you have to wreck a specified number of cars within a specified time to win that event. every new car is earned when you wreck the same new car in a free roam(yeah thats right, wreck a new car and its all yours). also you have bikes to, but in a seperate section all together. although when it comes to bikes you dont have race's(:() but only time runs i.e. reach a specified destination within a specified period of time. another great thing about this game is, there is no fixed route to follow. you can reach your destination with the route you like. there are no limiters(i hate those direction arrows and transparent markings and walls that tell me where to go... :D). All in all awesome game, if you have missed this, be sure to regret it!