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Crysis is a sci-fi stealth first person shooter game with a lot of ingame options. As any other sci-fi game this has aliens too and the plot is quite interesting. the game is based in future 2020 where a US marine sqad is sent on a extraction mission to a isolated korean island. the objective throughout the game remains to rescue hostages or rather scientist who are under the gunpoint of the KPA(korean army led by general kyong), till the last level. the protoganist Nomad a US marine is equiped with the nano-suit which has a variety of functions which includes and invisibility cloak. the function can be keep active till the suit energy drains to a critical value, but it is rechargeable too. one of my personal obervations is 'DONOT' engage your enemies head on, be it humans or aliens. keep a low profile kill only if necessary and try to accomplish your objectives in the least troublesome way(i completed most of the objectives undetected). the AI can be quite a pain so make sure you make every bullet count.(by the way you will have to give up on the scar rifle due lack of ammo). another observation, head shots work much better than body shots. sometimes even an entire magazine seems inadequate to take down a normal KPA patrolman. and ordinay weapons dont work well on the aliens(you'll come to that conclusion anyway). it will take some time to get accustomed to the suits functions, but once you get a hang of it, you'll enjoy the game.crysis also offers transportation options as in u have atv's in all levels, apart from that you have armoured trucks, vtols, ordinary and machine gun operated boats. the graphics are simply amazing for a game that was developed almost 4 years ago. althogh it has a few minor glitches.(once on the level core, a dead alien got stuck to my ass and wouldn't go, that b****** compromised me.. :D).another great thing about this game is that there is more than 1 way to complete a mission. the developers have done an awesome job here, as the gamer can select the path he wants to follow to complete any mission.(core, reckoning are exceptions) All in all a don't miss this awesome game by crytek.