one of the enjoyable moments in SGW

Stealth is a key element in this game, and perhaps that is what this game is about. Firstly the graphics in this game is simply amazing and the whole jungle environment gives boost to the idea of a ghost warrior. The protagonist is covered in leaves and barks to blend in the environment. Although this is a stealth game, some of the levels have the player assume the role of a private who engages in non-stealth and all-out campaign. The AI is insanely difficult as they can spot you from 100m although you have concealed yourself well among the bushes. Another exiting feature that the game offers is the bullet cam. This is one of the most outstanding aspects of the game and was loved and praised by all. The bullet cam shows the travel of the bullet from the barrel to the victim's head. It gives an unexplained satisfaction and a need to keep going. Another thing that the developers have kept in mind and that was highly appreciated was the effect of ambient conditions and the bullet drop. (Seldom does the bullet go where the crosshair is pointing at) This gave a real-life aspect to the gamers. Portable medi-kits are available on every level and the best part is, it can be used as and when required, not necessarily while acquiring the medi-kit. A disappointing thing about this game was no vehicle can be operated, but then again a sniper doesn't need one.

The plot follows around an imaginary South-American island of Isle Trueno which was taken over by General Vasquez, a dictator who forces villagers to work in uranium mines, forcibly recruits their children into his army and many other evil deeds. The US Military sends in Team Alpha to assassinate the General, with an aid of a mole in Vasquez's army, Agent Rodriguez. The attempt fails and Rodriquez is compromised. The Protagonist Sergeant Tyler Wells has to now wait for another shot at the general, while weakening the regime. The final level has the objective of terminating the General, where Tyler has to take the shot from 320m.

Ending the weakened regime