DICE and EA released sequel to their Battlefield Bad Company 2 in 2010 powered with new FROSTBITE 1.5 which makes the game even more immersive. It now allows you to blow up buildings to pieces now you can run but can't hide. It lacks a prone position but who cares as it makes it more dificult to hide. It features huge multiplayer maps with upto 64 players whereas COD has only 24 players now this makes the battle more intensive. It is the only game in the series which lacks aircraft fights but vehicles and other things are great. It starts with you playing as an American special squad's soldier in Japan with the task to get information about a weapon from the Scientist the mission fails with the death of all the people on the submarine when the weapon is fired. Then the game forwards to a modern time when the Bad Company consisting of Marlove(you), Haggards, Sweetwater and your Seargent trying to support a counter intelligence mission they find  a dummy weapon and then they are sent to Bolivia to meet Aguire who tells them to retrive the information about the position of weapon from a satellite in Andes. The game goes on in the end Aguire acquires the weapon and with Russians he tries to destroy America. He is killed by a Russian then Russian put the weapon in a plane which they would Detonate over the USA but are stopped by the Bad Company. At the end it is revealed that the Russians are attacking on America and game ends. The Single player campaign is just for time pass and for COD players. The real thing is the multiplayer, the heart of the game. EA released an expansion pack named Battlefield bad company 2: vietnam available with a patch or download from EA origin. So get your weapons up and blow your enemies.