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Street fighter IV: arcade edition! This game should’ve been in the game of the year list. Capcom did a pretty nice job in bringing back the old street fighter style combat, again! It’s got a sense of sweet nostalgia, seeing all the characters, and well designed, brings back a lot of memories.  The game delivered every awesome thing which was both expected and imaginable. Well the stories related to certain players are pretty awesome but I suggest motion picture rater then still directed backgrounds. Ah the voice acting both Japanese and English is a plus point. Many people argue that Japanese voices are more fun and awesome but I think English suits on certain players and Japanese on certain other players. For instance I like English voice for Cammy and Japanese for E.Honda and for Akuma, the English voice is just under rated there’s no way the Japanese voice even comes close to the English voice.

The graphics are just stunning with a mid-range GFX u can get the most out of this game. The backgrounds are well designed the moves are great the ultras and super moves, all combine to give this game a stunning 9.5/10

Well, it does have something missing I really don’t really like story telling methods they adopted in this game and for some unknown reason the stories are just not that explanatory, they leave u hanging in your curiosity, I don’t know maybe that’s some kind of a marketing submission. So the whole score for this game goes like:

Graphics: 9.5/10

Music: 7/10

Gameplay: 9.5/10

Story lines: 8/10