Bejeweled 3
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Here are the Modes!

 Bejeweled 3 is a fun, addicting game that has been developed and published by PopCap. If you haven't tasted any puzzle games yet, you have to try this for sure. I can't believe how these old games got this improved, It even has graphic modes (low, high, ultra). I really had fun playing this game hours and hours and now I'm waiting for Bejeweled 4. In my opinion Bejeweled is most likely similar to games like, Plant Vs Zombies, Angry Birds because of the thinking part and simple graphics.


 Without over due let's get to the game. Well, the game doesn't have a plot, but the player's objective is to swap a gem with another gem and try to form a chain (the chain has to contain three or more) that is in the same color . In bejeweled 3, you've 4 modes to pick from and they are, Classic, Zen, Lightning, Quest. Also there are another 4 secret modes, that is not visible. They are Butterflies, Diamond Mine, Ice Storm, and Poker. Each mode brings you fun in a different way. The important part of the game is gems. There are 8 different types of gem, that's what makes the game beautiful and addicting. To win this game you have to be fast and smart.


 Game is truly adorable, Loved the music very much than the game. Music is the thing that keeps me playing this game. If you're a music lover, recommended to try this game. A great gift for yourself or a friend. You'll need an poweful graphics card to max out this game and other settings are not bad either.


  Overall rating from me is 10, well..... the game was good, need more and more improvements on graphics to keep the game cool, Need a multiplayer feature, music in this game is really awesome.

A game you must have and Happy playing!


A Random gameplay!