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This review contains Minor spoilers. Nothing too bad, but bear that in mind if you've not yet played the game.

This is a review of Portal 2's single-player campaign. The multiplayer review will be uploaded separately. 



Portal 2 was, to me at least, the best game of 2011.

Why? For the same reason Portal 1 was so great. It was a sequel to an phenomenal game that had turned so many heads
We expected it to fail.

From the grim, bleak environments of the starting test chambers to the ravaged, damaged test chambers toward the end of the story, this game looked amazing, continued to surprise and entertain and even kept the difficult curve of the puzzles exactly right to make us scratch our heads and spend hours trying to work it out, but without frustrating us or making us want to rage-quit.


The characters are deep, comical and, in so many ways, terrifying.
GLaDoS, the psychopathic, cynical AI, hell-bent on testing you to death. 
Wheatley, the idiotic, fun power-hungry core.
Cave Johnson, the Eccentric, more-money-than-sense CEO who started it all.

Even the turrets, as cute as before, but still with a Happy-Tree-Friends kind of feel to them.


What I'm trying to say without rambling for too long is that this game, rather than failing miserably, was a huge success, and anyone wanting to create a sequel should definitely look at this for inspiration.



Portal 2's 5-15 hour single player (Depending on your own IQ, of course. First run took me little over 12 hours, second was still 6-7 even knowing the puzzles) is full of quirky, fun characters with some of the greatest quotes I have ever heard in a video game. It's beautiful to play through, even on medium settings, and keeps fresh and organic without deviating too far from the main plot.

The way a sequel should be done. (As apposed to Bioshock 2, Far Cry 2, Assassins creed 2, Gears of War 2... I really could go on)


If you loved, or even just liked, the first game, then this game will only make your love for it even greater. If you didn't like the first game (Seriously, these people exist somewhere), It's still worth a try since it's more plot-based than it's predecessor. 

PS, Thankfully, they knew the 'Cake' meme was getting old. There is almost no mention of it in this game, and you know what? It's better for it. 




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Cheer GLaDoS up. Give this game a try.