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Phew...what a view!

Welcome to my Sims 3: Lunar Lakes review. Let me start by saying it feels nice to be writing something good about something done by EA. It's been a while since EA (EA, as in The Sims Series producers, not EA as in the whole company) came up with something good; from the recycled Expansion Packs (e.g. Sims 3: Pets, Sims 3: Late Night) to the worthless, money sucking, Stuff Packs (e.g. Sims 3: Town Life Stuff, Sims 3: Fast Lane Stuff) and without forgetting the forgettable new Expansion Packs (e.g. Sims 3: Generations). So, here we are. Lunar Lakes. Embrace the first screen-shot (to the right)......done? Then let's move on.

Now, what makes me like Lunar Lakes? The whole package. Lunar Lakes is something else. It's not just another town disguised with fog (Twinbrook). It's not a world that claims to have the most relaxing springs, using the most expert marketing techniques (even in the naming) while in the end, there's really nothing new (Hidden Springs). It's none of the previous. What is Lunar Lakes?

Lunar Lakes is a city with unique textures, unique buildings (community) and unique homes as well! Think of it as a junction between a Sims 3: Town Life Stuff and a Sims 3: World Adventures Expansion Pack. I was amazed to see how they designed the world. The texture colors, the new world decorative items all mixed up, result in this marvelous combination that brings back memories.

Now look at screen-shot number 2 (way down). Does that remind you of anything? It's an updated version of the heart house that came with The Sims: Living Large. I loved that house. It was always my first choice for a starter family. It feels good to have it back.

The community buildings have all been re-designed to something..different, yet I didn't get the new design. The new designs appear to be space/sci-fi based while the World itself makes me feel like I am living on a young Earth, a million years ago. Well, whatever, I like them anyway.

Are you a Spore fan? If you are, this World will make you feel like you're playing it. Most of the textures and world decorative items seem to have been taken from one of the Spore Worlds.

By now, I have nothing else to say. I want to show you guys that this is really worth it but the best to show it, is by uploading a video or by trying the world yourself.

I can say one thing: Sims 3: Lunar Lakes made me start a whole new family and dedicate some of my time to The Sims 3: Series again - something not even the Expansion Packs were able to do. It was a great addition but...

But it's not free. It's actually quite pricey. I am against the Sims 3: Store, mostly because the items are quite pricey and there's only one way to obtain Sim Points - spending money. It would be nice to obtain Sim Points by playing Sims 3 or by uploading stuff to the exchange but hey, they don't want to be rich - they want to be the millionaire.

Sims 3: Lunar Lakes, though pricey, is a good purchase and might be what you need to get back to playing Sims 3. I consider it to be Very Good.

The heart house...remember this on Sims 1?