Dirt 2
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I recently purchased dirt 2 thinking it would be an average game as the price was only 8.99, but i was absolutly astonished at the dirt 2 world absolutly immersive from the first minute to the last. My favourite concept about the game is the personalisation they actually call you by your name in the game, so when your racing Ken Block he would say things to you by using your name and bantering with you. Then there is the stars you get to race with your buddies but they only become this when you own them on the circuit. There arent a really great selection of cars but there are 3 catogries: Cars, Buggies, Land Crusiers. But there are also lots of races to keep you entertained like: trail blazer, rally cross, gate crasher.  You also get to enter the world tours and x games which is really great.


The online is slowing down due to dirt 3 but still alive to keep you going. You can enter either pro tour or jam. Jam is a mixture of races and Pro tour is just a tour of straight up races. All in all a great game for value for money. They still have tournaments coming up for you to compete in which is really good.


But the best part about this game is the tribute to Colin Mcrae a series of races and then a video of his best rallies. Defently one of the best drivers ever.