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Only downloaded this game recently, and decided to leave my thought on this game.


At once I'm going to say that the game could have been WAY better. It just looks to me that Ravensoft was just lazy to make the game look better.


    Plot of Quake 4 starts at the point, where the story of Quake 2 has ended. The main character has finally reached the army of Stroggs, which, after his attack, has lost some of its soldiers. But even partly beaten, the army is pretty dangerous, so the point of second wave of invasion is to completely remove the aliens from this world.


    All this is nicely described by the commander Voss, while you're approaching your landing point on the assaulting ship. And here it becomes clear- the game is going to start by the blatant story of ship wreck, screams all around, and later you would wake up with someone leaning over you, surrounded by the burning parts of the ship with most of your mates dead. And how predictable it is when your first mission is to get into a building filled with monsters and your mates' bodies laying everywhere. 'Cardboard' background and sky behind the main locations, like we're back in Quake 2, just shows how lazy Ravensoft was to think of anything better to replace it with.


    The following events and string of quests is also very predictable, very blatant, makes me feel like they've just remade the existing Doom 3 storyline. The lonely journeys through dark buildings from one end to the other to join some other squad and get another task, after which you'll have to go to the starting point, and your just recently-cleared rooms will be refilled with monsters, but atleast this time you've got your mates, who, though, just camp behind the boxes until you pull the first trigger. Thankfully, we'll get to shoot some nice tank's machineguns, which, if used correctly, won't let stroggs get close to you.


    Although all the borrowings from other games together make such an effect, which won't let you complain about them apart. Energetic, powerful, energetic, atmospheric, stylish, charismatic, brutal- the list of feelings about this game can go on and on.


    The good thing about your brothers in arms is that they're not just soulless bots, like, for example, in Call of Duty, when they die every minute and just respawn with an other name. Here, losing any of your few mates is a tragedy at some point, especially  you feel it when a medic 'goes'. 


    And finally, the design. Well, the design is always handcrafted, not just a set of copy-pasted buildings and such. And here, I think we can all agree that it was done nicely in Q4


    Unlike Doom 3, the gameplay in Quake 4 is less eye-killing. The levels are tad brighter, the rooms are more spacious, which allows you to build your own strategy in battles. It was really nice to see a flashlight attached to the machinegun too! Even though it could've been built-in into some other guns so you wouldn't have to switch between guns in the dark places.


    Ravensoft, however, tried improving the basic, boring plot, habitual for Doom and Quake game series. The final development with big final Bosses looks, obviously, predictable, but at this point we have to agree that it more is not needed. Even  though the plot is still more-less predictable, but yet it's still intruguing, keeps you on your toes as much as it's needed.


    Spirit and heritage of the Quake series is felt in this game too. The all-time useless pistol at '1' with its infinite energy, the shotgun, the machinegun, the nailgun from Quake I, plasmagun from Doom 2, even though the habitual BFG has been renamed to Dark Matter Gun. What I didn't expect to see, is that now your gun will recieve upgrades throughout the game. This can be an extended clip, efficiency of your gun etc.


    About the monsters, some of them are basically copied from the older series, which makes the older gamers happy and brings the nostalgia.


    The game, like it was quite predictable, is built on the same engine as Doom 3, so the game looks like abit 'cleaner' and fixed version of Doom. But, honestly, the graphics for its time are wonderful, technology is advanced, so are animations, especially gestures. What's really amazing is that with all the advantages of this game, the requirements are not so demanding and any average gamer can play the game. Taking, for example, the release of F.E.A.R, where lags were way stronger, but visual advantages were almost invisible, which once again makes players want to thank Ravensoft. 


    Describing the sounds can be tad hard. Overflow with emotions, inarticulate sounds. But yet again, it would be hard to criticize the game for that. Gun sounds would once again bring a nostalgia to the older players, as I remember those sounds in early Quake series.


    And a few words about multiplayer. At once I'm going to say that it was a success! The maps have become smaller, player's speed is also slower, but that doesn't mean it's now worse. The balance is re-done, and finally the efficiency of such guns as Dark Matter Gun is insreased. Also the maps are filled with portals and jump pads, which makes them the main point of strategy planning. 


Quake 4 at first might seem like a game you would not like, but if you play the game and then start criticizing, your opinion would change ALOT. 

I'd give this game an overall 8/10 ,

Graphics: 9/10

Gameplay: 8/10 

Sounds: 7/10


Thanks for  your time.