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 For about two years multiplayer lovers had been waiting for the new part of Unreal Tournament to come out. Time was going on and on, the game had changed names multiple times( UT 2006, UT 2007 and, finally, UT 3), technologies had been advancing rapidly, but the new UT game still didn't want to show up. But finally the time had come, and people had rushed to get the disk of their favourite game.




 To be continued...

      Let's start with the main thing. Developers from Epic had such an aim while making UT3- to make the Singleplayer mode attract more attention than in older UT series. According to several researches, most of UT players have never tried out the multiplayer, except for the hardcore gamers and cyber-sportsmen. That's why developers decided to concentrade on the game plot, game movies and enhancing the intelligence of the bots. The plot of the Singleplayer mode tells about the hard destiny of a mercenary Reaper, who wanted to take revenge on Necrises after his homeland had been destroyed. Besides all the new characters, we will see an 'old friend'- Malcolm, who, by the way, is the main character of the whole game. 

     Overally, the Singleplayer mode of UT3 is just a series of maps with different modes, the only difference is that now there are movies between missions. For the newbies that are going to try out the multiplayer is recommended to fully finish the whole Singleplayer to raise your skill, learn about the weapons and ride all the vehicles. Then it'd be good to just train on the bots. Bots' intelligence had also been reworked, if before bots on any difficulty knew at once where you would land or turn, now there's  a delay between bots make a decision and their accuracy had also been reduced. During the development, Epic workers made a server filled with humans and bots, forcing the last to figure, who of the opponents are bots, who are humans. The result is that now playing against the bots is way more interesting.


 Heads up for the Multiplayer!

     Now, going into the Multiplayer mode, we can fully enjoy the game. But now the veteran players will have to face a surprise- developers decided to go back to basics. What does it mean? That parts of the popular earlier game moders are absent. For some players, removal of the 'Bombing Run', the american football with balls :p,  mode will be a tragedy. Why didn't the developers like 'Double Domination' and the 'Assault' modes also remains a wonder.

    Only new mode is, probably, the Warfare, which is basically a renamed 'Onslaught' mode; the objective still remains the same- to complete a series of given tasks. Also straight from the 'Bombing Run' there's been added the Energy Sphere, which allows players to immediately take control of the enemy's control point, a doubtful innovation, which makes this game mode unpredictable.

    Players that love to ride vehicles will surely like the 'Vehicle CTF' mode- good old CTF mode with the exception that now you have to do it using the vehicles. What makes the mode more enjoyable is that now controlling vehicles is way easier, so even a newbie shouldn't face any problems learning how to ride them. 


 Unreal innovation.

     Overally, UT3 doesn't have alot of fresh new features, vice versa some of the great features from the older series have been removed. You can forget about the adrenaline pills and combos- this is dead and gone. The weaponry is also the same as before, except for some minor changes with the shooting. Most of the maps are known, as they've appeared in older series and there's not much of the new ones. Developers from Epic are probably relying on their hard working players, building in an 'Unreal Editor 3'.


 Don't blink, or you might die.

    At first, you will have to blink alot. And there's something to make you blink- Unreal Engine 3 is as good as possible: smooth surfaces, dynamic shadows, parallax-mapping, HDR, 2048x2048 textures and so on...

     Graphical level of UT3 corresponds to the modern times and system requirements are not that big. Multiplayer engine is also proven to be reliable- you can avoid any lags with the speed of 128 kbps. But that's no wonder because the company has got a wide experience in fixing the network codes.




Not counting that the game didn't bring the fans anything extremely good, it still is really accurate. 


I'd give the game the following score:

Graphics- 8/10

Sounds- 8/10

Plot- 6/10



Thanks for your time reading this review.