Quake HD Dark Places Expansion Pack

Written by Errol on Mon, Mar 5, 2012 5:21 PM
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How well optimised is Quake 1 for PC? 8.3

Since this game was released back in June 1996 I played this game on windows '98 actually I started to play it back in 2001. I remembered when I also played it around October of 2001 when windows XP was released just a month before and I installed the game on XP and it played pretty good but graphics was poor but probably lack of development and also probably lack of good graphics (video) cards back then to what it is presently.

My review of this game is not so much of the original, but the release of the new Quake high definition modded pack they call Dark Places. Now this game really don't have a story line it’s just your basic shoot 'em up game anything that moves just kill, so you're actually on a killing spree if I may call it that. The Quake high definition pack was released latter part of last year and its really quite awesome in graphics. I can tell you I do have a love for some of those weapons available in the game and one thing I can tell you like Quake 3 Arena there is plenty of ammo lying around and health packs but many of the health packs are hidden in secret places so you must know how to play the game and find the packs and also some hidden items for bonus points.

One of my high points about the Quake HD Dark Places is the awesome way it plays on windows 7 especially on my 64 bit rig truly awesome. And to boost it do have adjustments for any type of screen resolution. Now I'm not reviewing this game as a walkthrough but merely as an encouragement for other gamers to try it out and see the awesome graphics and details of background etc. I've added two screenshots from my rig using Fraps to take my screenshots just so you can see how nice the details are. For those who are interested to acquire a full legal download of this game can go directly to Gamefront and download it there i.e. the Quake HD pack. Also you can acquire it from steam and play Online.

In summary I'll recommend this game to any gamers who have a love for fps games.


  • Great graphics
  • Any size screen
  • Excellent weapons


  • No storyline
  • Just shoot em up



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