Assassins Creed 2
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Assassin's creed 2 is one of my all time favs... from the first time ive playd it it was pretty good and no dissapointments. The whole game is fantastic but since i playd brotherhood ,assassins creed 2 just wasn't doing it for me anymore. Brotherhood kniked my socks of with its gameplay...especially the fighting.theonly thing that bothers me is that u can only play in rome unlike assassin's creed 2 where u can play in a selection of diffrent places...thats what i love about assassin's creed 2 but the fighting is way too stuck up... it feels like im playing a turn based game wich i do not like,i actually hate the fighting accept for the counter kills that looks pretty cool...better than on Brotherhood.So i love AC2 But hate the fighting.Oh yah and the ragdoll sucks ass its all glitchy...i hate it and they could have made it multi player... would have been so cool:)