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Written by Errol on Thu, Mar 8, 2012 11:51 PM
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I've been hoping by now someone would have written a small review of Kill Switch but none so far. So I'll take up the challenge and go for it.
Kill Switch is not like your regular first person shooter or even like your third person shooter. Your protagonist being Nick Bishop. This game is not base on preventing a war but to start a war, it is a misssion base game, you have six missions and well over fifteen stages in the game and approximately eight different usable weapons available as you progress in the game. The weapons are; (not necessarily in order) AKUG Grenade Launcher, MCRT-300 Sniper Rifle, M1 12-gauge shotgun, HK5-SD 9mm, AK47 and M4 Assault Rifle. You start out with your basic assault rifle and from there as you keep advancing in the game you'll acquire different weapons and even using a stationary machine gun at times.

One of the major feature this game did introduce to the gaming world especially for first person shooter and third person shooter games is finding cover for protection and blindfire. Blindfire is a feature that you'd stay behind an object or in cover mode and fire at the enemy without looking, that was a feature never before seen in any game and also the cover mode where you can run for cover and hide from gunfire or grenade attacks from the enemy. Those two features changed the gaming world and introduce it to other games like Gears of War, Wanted Weapons of Fate, CT Special Forces: Fire for Effect, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas, Killzone: Liberation, etc (The games mentioned is not necessarily placed in order of development).

So far I've played this game well over six times and do enjoy playing it. I've searched all over the Internet for a cheat for this game but none, the only thing I found is a trainer for the game. Its a very difficult game to play even on normal much more to go to an even harder difficulty. Your enemy can surprise you at any point in the game so you have to constantly be very cautious while moving around, sometimes they are right behind a door or a box or over a cantilever and the thing about this game, it do not place a direction to where the shots are coming from. There is no way you can save the game until you've completed a level so everytime you lose your life you start right back to the beginning of the last save. That got me so angry at times sometimes you reached just on the brink of finishing the level and an enemy will finish you off with a single shot or a grenade. Another difficulty is to try and not get shot too often because health packs are few and far in between, so be very careful, one thing though if you do not get shot too often your health bar fills up automatically but you can still lose your life. In Kill Switch I'd highly recommend you not to confront the enemy head on, consider yourself suicidal if you choose to fight head on.
This game do show how mortal you are and not a super hero, being invincible. Every wrong action in the game can make you lose your life, thats how realistic this game really is.

In summary I'd recommend this game to anyone who have a love for first person or third person shooter. Graphics are really nice and the background in the game by design is a bit smokey nearly all the time. The game do have support for gaming devices but not good support. However I'd recommend you to disable the controller support and play with keyboard and mouse or you can play it using Pinnacle Game Profiler to emulate your keyboard and mouse.



  • Excellent gameplay
  • Good graphics
  • Very challenging


  • Smokey background
  • Realistic actions
  • Pretty good storyline



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