Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 is the 16th installment of the Need For Speed Franchise. It is a remake of the the old famous Hot Pursuit way back in 1998 but this time it has great graphics and exotic cars from around the world.With the help of Criterion Games it made the game a little more realistic, and thanks to them it made crashes look so real. It has a great location setup and great car list as well. It has realistic engine and tire slipping sound,realistic smoke graphics and great car dynamics.As for the sound track it has some songs that don't fit for racing but most of the songs are great and it keeps the blood alive while you drive.With Pros there are also Cons. The graphics flicker when you use the "Alt+Tab" command but don't worry EA has a patch for that issue and also you can't customize the car except for the paint. But overall the Game is great and I recommend it.