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There is no gamer in the world who doesn't know about Grand Theft Auto Series, also known as GTA, even small children knows about this very well since the world is changing. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City made this series more popular as the Grand Theft Auto III did. This game I'm going to review is a action, adventure and open world game. It has been developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games in 2003. This game has simple 3D graphics which are really addicting. As always Vice City is based on Gangs as other releases in this series did, if you played them before. Without any overdue lets get to the game. One more thing I'm going to add up here, this game doesn't have a multiplayer feature.

This whole game takes place in Vice City, which is a fictional city. this city is based on Miami, Florida in the year of 1980. That's is why most of the things in the City look like 1980s. You get to play as Tommy Vercetti who got released from the prison after 15 years and sent back to his home, but his boss whose name is Sonny Forelli fear Tommy and send him down south to expand his empire. When he arrives Sonny lose his money and two partners. Now Tommy's job to bring back Sonny's lost money. After this you get to do jobs and earn money. These jobs comes in different varieties. For example: Controlling a R.C. helicopter to plant bombs, killing enemy, etc, .......

Vice city is open world. Which means you can do what ever you want. You can steal a car, jump off cliffs with it, make police very angry so they will chase you forever. Not just that, Tommy Vercetti can't swim, so if you jump into the water he dies. There are lots of vehicles, places, things to discover in the game. Yes, A LOT!   Also the city is really really big which makes everything harder, but there is always a map to help you finding places. You can modify game by installing mods and using cheat codes. All these things make the game so addicting and fun.

When you compare this to the Grand Theft Auto IV. Vice city has less graphics with less system requirements than the Grand Theft Auto. Vice city takes less space than the Grand Theft Auto IV. This game can be maxed out in a pretty smooth frame rate on most of the old Rigs, so no needed to upgrade your video card or the processor.

I would recommend this game for a open world lover. If you have played Saints Row before go ahead try this game, you'll love it. You can even gift this game to somebody, or yourself. Believe me this game is worth trying. If you have never played any open world games before, give this a try, you'll get addicted to open world so quickly.

Overall I would give rating of 9/10 for the great game-play, can't swim, graphics are not bad either, the controllers are really simple, character customization is not really improved in Vice City and less requirements to run this game.

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