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Keen is a platformer game where you control a little boy who adventures in space on different planets.

In the game you can use a pogo stick and raygun so the games are basically very simple. In some levels there are difficult jumps or different kinds of monsters and robots but that’s what makes the games Keen games. In the first game you didn’t have the pogo stick right from the start but instead you had to play a small level first to get it.

Keens 1-3 were made in 1990 but they are totally different looking then Keens 4-6 even though the newer ones were made only a year after. Keen Dreams (often said to be Keen 3.5) was made in the year 1991 but it’s totally different than other Keens. In Dreams, Keen has a dream that the vegetables have created a kingdom and he doesn’t have his trademark pogo stick and raygun. Instead he throws seeds that transform the vegetables into flowers.

In the games you collect treats that give you points, which in turn gains you extra lives. In Keen 4 you collect ‘drops’, ‘vitalins’ in Keen 5 and in Keen 6 ‘vivasis’. Once you’ve collected 100 of these, you gain an extra life.

You must also collect keys to be able to progress in a level. In Keen 4 you also have to rescue elderly people. Keen 5 uses keycards that are necessary to complete a level and in Keen 6 you collect items. In Keen 4 you have to find the swimsuit in a certain level to be able to access the levels in water.

There are also fan-made Keens, Keen 7, 8 and 9. They are excellent, although some of the levels are perhaps too easy and some too hard, but still playable. The basic concept is the same, collect stuff to get extra lives, in Keen 7 you collect gems and keys, in Keen 8 you collect H20 and items and in Keen 9 you collect orps and keycards. Brilliant games altogether!

In my opinion these are the greatest games ever created and I suggest everyone to give them a go!

Overall score: 10