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When I Firstly buy a pc then a friend give me the demo of diablo 2. Firstly when I play that game I'm boored because I don't understand properly the game. After some days when I properly understand the game then I found that full version diablo 2 lod.

I think that is awesome game from blizzard. Although the graphics are not really good or we don't see the face of hero. The gameplay is good there are seven characters in the game and five stages. Every stage has a boss we kill the demons,monsters,for killing the boss. The game is really all the time in dungeons . In the game we found many itemsĀ  like weapons, armor, rings, amulets, charms where firstly we identify these and use them. We gave gold to them any takes the items. There are many other people in the town which helps us. I like necromancer and druid for their ability in the game.Necromancer have specilist in the enemy ehen I have that player I never feel alone in the game . Its easier for complete the game and druid sall nature and wild animals for the help. There is no option to save the file u must open the fire portal to save the file because if your close the game all the monster are alive and u must kill twice to forward so u must open the fire portal. I complete the game many times.

Also game has a multiplayer option. This is game of the year of that time the game is awesome and DIABLO fans are happy for listning diablo 3 release date.