Silkroad Online
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Hello, for my first review I decided to review one of my favorite mmorpg’s  I ever played. I played it a lot for a long time since I didn’t have a good pc back then.  Anyone who doesn’t have a good enough pc to play all the newer games should consider this game. In this short review I will be going over the gameplay and game mechanics of Silkroad Online!


            Silkroad Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG that has some really unique features and differs from the other mmorpg’s out there. What I like about this game and I’m sure many people who play games like this will too that it has a unique PVP system.  It used to be that if you want to go to PVP mode and battle other players is that you needed to equip a certain cape, I’m sure they changed it by now. If you attack other players when you don’t have the cape and the player who you are attacking doesn’t and you kill him, it’s considered a murder and you will suffer for a certain amount of time by keep loosing your HP(health) slowly and die over and over again and loose your hard earned XP (experience) points. To make the time shorter, you need to go and kill lots of monsters. Don’t enter the PVP mode if you are a low level  player because you will keep dying, there’s no fun in that, right?

            Unfortunately, silkroad doesn’t offer a huge amount of character customization. There are 2 races in this game, which are European and Chinease. Both races total over 13 unique classes, from Mages to Sword masters and many more! Personally, the Chinease are my favorite because  the ybeen there longer and are a lot faster in fighting and it need alooot less time to wait to use an HP potion than European. Europeans have their advantages too.  There’s also a HUGE amount of different skills for each class you can learn and upgrade as you earn SP (skill points).

            Silkroad offers a really nice economical system. You can buy, sell and trade goods. I think the trading system is really unique and fun! There are 3 different classes for that, that any other player can be. A thief, merchant and protector. Each one of them has to wear special equipment while working.  The merchant has to buy goods and travel to other cities and sell the good for a higher price to an NPC. On the way, NPC thieves and maybe player thieves will try to attack you and your camel (or any other animal that carries all your goods) and kill. You must defend yourself! If  you don’t succeed the thief will take all your goods, sell them and make GOLD which is the currency in this game. It would be a lot easier if you hire a player protector which will help defend yourself from thieves on the way.

            I have to be honest, I really liked the whole beautiful landscape and of the game. The sounds and the music while traveling, I think are also very beautiful.. one of the best that I heard in a mmorpg game.

            The gameplay could be sometimes repetetive, killing and killing different mobs. The quest system prevents that. Everything’s is more fun with quests and they give you something to do. You can earn lots of XP on the way! There are much, much more features I haven't talked about yet, like party system, pets and stuff like that. If you play it you will find out!

            What I don’t really like about this game is that it has a huge player base and every server is crowded and I used to be sitting and trying over and over again to connect to a server. There are many servers and can hold a lot of players at once. Be careful to choose a server somewhere where many people who don’t speak English go to. If you speak English choose a server that has an American flag on it or something like that.

            Joymax had a hard time on protecting the game against hackers ad botters. They tried various of different things in the game that I remember. That’s the main reason I left the game. Every server was crowded all the time and it was really hard to get in. I think that’s the reason why they created Silkroad –R Online. It’s an updated version of Silkroad Online with no hackers or botters released in 2012. Please go check that out! Hehe, this review was longer than I expected :D

On the way to another city on a camel!