Railworks 2
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Train looping on Cajon Pass Route

Railworks is a train simulator developed and published by Railsimulator developments.It was released on 3 July 2009 in stores. Railworks 2 is successor to its previous version which was released on 24 September 2010 on steam. Forward upgrade, to the sequel was automatically provided to original Railworks' owner. The structure of the game is like of a platform which can be changed according to player's choice. Being an Base Expandable sim various downloads of Railworks 2 are provided by the developer.

With an inbuilt world editor a player can edit any segment of the game. Game features 3 standard modes -

1. Free Roam Mode - A player can drive any train to anywhere, switch trains in between, edit in a selected route.

2. Standard Mode - Standard mode is chalenging, player is required to perform a specific task given on a selected route

3. Career Mode - This mode is very chalenging, it scores the player's performance. This is very strictly done, player                                  has to keep in mind the does and don'ts of the task.

Coming to graphics, Railworks 2 as its predecessor, is powered by PhysX engine which provides an absolute real world graphics to the train sim. With 16 drivable locomotives and mutiple units also 9 inbuilt routes from different parts of USA And UK ofcourse some fictional routes too makes this train sim win the heart of player.

The breathtaking scenery, real world physics, animated pasengers, great AI simulation makes it great and to the developer too, as they released its third sequel. Railworks 3 was released on 23 September 2011. Third version includes number of improvements and new features. GiN on 17th March 2011 announced Railworks 2 is the winner of "Best Simulator 2010" award.Try Railworks series -- Belongs to one of the best simulators on earth!!

Locomotives at sidings