Killzone 3
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Arctic Environment

Released By SCEI in year 2011. First game in the series to include playstation move which improves the accuracy and makes it similar to target using mouse. This game as others is made at 720p but can be played at 1080p by upscaling at 60 fps and and 30 fps most probably in 3d at 720p. This is one of the most popular ps3 game. It begins from the point where killzone 2 ended i.e. near Visari's palace on Helghan.


The story begins with 2 Helghast troops going in Stahl's facility in arctic region. They find their way to the broadcast room where Stahl is about to show live execution of Narville to the whole planet. The two Helghast one of whom was being controlled by the player reveal their identity as Sevchenko and Master Seargent Rico.


At Scolar Visari's memorial Orlock tells that the Helghan are going to invade Earth. This scene looks awsome in 3D. After which the game shiifts back to 6 months earlier, ISA troops start to withdraw from the planet as Helghan forces pour in large numbers to take revenge. In the attack most of the convoy gets scattered and Sev and Rico try to get off the planet.


This game features a snowy environment, jungles and the nuke affected capital of helghan. As the player tries to get away he is seperated from Rico after he goes to save jammer. The Helghast attack the escape ships and destroy one of them. Within this time the ISA is being pushed back and Capt. Narville sends Sev and another soldier to establish an uplink with Vektan government. They are shocked to see the new weapon being used by Helghast using a stuff called Irradiated petrusite which  explodes the enemy. On establishing the uplink the ISA soldiers are shocked to hear that they have to surrender while returning to the base Sev battles hordes of Helghasts and on reaching the base he finds them to be ambushed and in another great cut scene in 3D they fight hordes of coming helghast at last to run out of ammunition and surrender.


The game shifts 6 months ahead as Rico saves Sev from Helghast ship taking them to Stahl's Arms factory and tries to infiltrate the factory. As shown in the begining the game again goes to the same identity reavealing point followed by their escape. While escaping they find Helghan's plan to nuke the Earth and decides to stop them.


While fighting the Helghans they reach a space elevator. Where in a cut scene we find Orlock fighting with Stahl. The player battles the Helghast to reach the ship about to warp to launch the nuke. They stop the ship by destroying its warp coil using space ship.


As everyone escapes the falling ship Stahl tries to recover it. To stop this Sev drops a nuclear bomb on the ship which destroys the planet's life and the game ends, in the cut scene two soldiers shown during credits who approach an escape pod to welcome a mysterious person which is supposed to be Stahl.


This is a great game with a nice multiplayer as told by TeroMarsu. It features four classes namely: Assault, Engineer, Infiltrator and. Its mltiplayer supports 32 players with 2 types of Games : Missions and Guirella Wars. The missions include Bodycount: Kill as many as you can within the time, the team with most kills wins the the round.A bomb plant/defuse type game , a propaganda speaker in which you are supposed to pick up speakers and deliver it to places and a  Territory capture game. Some of  its map includes vehicles like jetpack and a exosuit(similar to walker in BF2142).


Each Level lasts for 7 round five minutes each. For non-online and non campaign game it includes a bot zone where you can play against AI controlled player on the multiplayer maps playing the same missions. If you own a PS3 you must own this fantastic game.

The annoying jetpack