Angry Birds Space
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Welcome to my Angry Birds Space review. Let me start by saying this article does not include any pictures because I played it on my awesome Iphone 4S and I don't like to add pictures from Google. If you're interested in seeing some pictures then go here. A video is also available.

Angry Birds Space is..AWESOME. It's really really good.

Our tiny friends are back, as are the egg thieves - the piggies. First thing I noticed as soon as I started playing was the funny faces they now make in different situations. Example:

1 - Throw a bird that passes nearby one of the pigs and he'll show a very scared face and then laugh at you because you missed.

2 - If you don't do anything, they'll fall asleep and sort of joke around.

These are small twists that make the game so much more enjoyable. They add a cute twist that makes what was already cute, super cute. Now let's get to the mechanics.

This time, the Space environment really affects how the game plays. We had a taste of Space in one of Angry Bird's previous releases but it was a normal game with a Space background. This one is much more than this.

Most of the pigs are in the space, involved in some bubbles that protect them from freezing. You can either burst these bubbles and they'll freeze and die or kill them with a direct hit.

This time, the environment decides how the birds play. Huge objects like rocks have gravitational camps, whose range you can see by a blue circle. Throw, for example, a red bird and he'll spin around the object like crazy, as long as he's still in the range of the gravitational camp. While he's spinning, he'll knock over what is on his way, except for rocks and glass. The previous mechanics still remain - the small red bird can only break wood.

Some birds like the yellow bird now have different twists. You throw him and then you put the mouse scroll where you want him to land and click. He's like a missile now! Amazing creativity!

I haven't finished the whole game yet but I am having a bloody good time. So far I see one stage with 30 levels, one blocked stage and a "Danger Zone" Stage which I haven't even touched yet.  There's also one with levels unlocked by the famous golden eggs and one that says "Coming Soon" so there will undoubtedly be updates that add new stages, just like with seasons.

I could go on and on about how much I am enjoying myself but I'm just going to say this: If you loved Angry Birds, you'll love Angry Birds Space. Buy Angry Birds Space. You won't regret it. It's really really fun and a huge step from the previous installments. Rovio did a really good job.

I consider Angry Birds Space to be PERFECT. /P