Angry Birds Space
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Angry birds space loadscreen showing all birds

Space....the final frontier millions of stars thousands of galaxy....... "oink oink". what was that ? sounds like a pig "pakkak"(red birds sound). No aliens buddies these are the angry birds in space trying to get their eggs back from those greedy pigs.

The most  awaited Angry birds space was released this month on 22nd by Rovio entertainment is supposed to be the best in the series with its new space scenarios which change the gameplay to some extent by adding 1.5 new birds and the old red bird, big brother, explosive bird and the splitting birds getting a space makeover by the way the big brother only got green probably due to space sickness. Enough of joking. Lets get to the gameplay and the new birds.

The change in gameplay is that now every bird is equppied by a trajectory projector which tells the player the path through which the bird will fly when launched and the introduction of planet gravity which affect the motion of these birds and can make them spin round and round waiting for a touchdown.

There are three chapters with a bonus golden egg chapter. Each chapter has 30 levels with the last level being a boss fight with the king pig riding in a space suit which cannot be damaged by hitting it by normal birds only rocks, big brother and exploding bird can hurt him. Now you can use the meteorites to kill those piggies which can be found in space suit helmets in space or on planets. The best thing is the pigs make faces as you fling a bird and safe ones can go to sleep. The space pigs can be killed in two ways first by direct hit and second by becoming hogcream (i.e. by freezing) if you break their helmets.

The wait is over the one and a half new birds are first the freeze bird which freezes the target which it touches and special attack is it bursts to freeze enemies and structures around him and half for the blue bird, distant relative of yellow bird whcich can be directed to a spot by clicking the mouse a the location.

The new feature is that now you can play golden eggs as soon as you find them without leaving your current game by using a worm hole which appears when you find one and can resume the game from same place after completing the golden egg level.

So, go and get your angry birds space now.

The boss fight chapter 1