LA Noire
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LA Noire is a detective game set in 1947. a time filled with murder. you play as cole phelps who solves cases and climbs the ranks in the LAPD. From being a patrol office to a traffic officer than a homicide officer (which has the most cases) than to a vice officer than down to arson. LA Noire uses the players skill to find skills and detect the truth. LA Noire is a good and long game with lots of content.The only bad thing about LA Noire is that the cases are very simillar. for homicide you show up at the crime scene search for clues go to the husbands house look around and arest the husband, the end. but some cases are diffrent which makes the game get a higher mark. LA Noire is a very enjoyble game and its worth all the money you put into it. i give LA Noire a 8.50/10

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