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 Everybody likes free stuff, right? This game I'm going to review right now, it's free. Battlefield Play 4 Free is a free online first person shooter video game that has been developed by DICE and published by EA in 2011. Also this game is only available on PC and not on any other consoles and available only via download. This game's system requirements are lot similar to Battlefield Heroes, I think they are lot similar because they are free.

 Battlefield Play 4 Free uses a lots of similar content Battlefield 2 and the Battlefield: Bad Company 2. For example: maps like Oman, Karkland are taken from the Battlefield 2. Also the graphics engine of this game is lot similar to Battlefield 2. This game has no single player or campaign mode only a mutiplayer mode, which means an internet connection is required to play. Player can choose to be a Russian or the United States soldier, which is awesome. The game supports only 32 players per game right now. In this game, Player have access up to 16 vehicles, and they includes Helicopters, jets, tanks, jeeps, and lot more. There are over hundreds of servers that you can play the game on right now, which is pretty cool. The best thing about this game is, it's playable on most of the lower end systems. You can customize your soldier's face from at beginning of the game, you get to add a mustache if you want, you can color your hear, color of your skin, your face's shape, hair style, etc, .......

This game has a class system. They are, Assault, Medic, Engineer and Recon. If you're not familiar with this class system, let me explain it for you quickly, at the beginning of the game you can make soldiers and give them a class for each one of them, For Example:

1. Assault Class - An Assault rifle with ability to resupply the teammates with ammo.

2. Engineer - RPG and a sub-machine gun with the ability to repair vehicles

3. Recon - Sniper with the ability to display enemy locations to themselves and the teammates

4. Medic Class - light machine gun with the ability to heal teammates.

 When you compare this game to the latest Battlefield game, which you'll all know "Battlefield 3" right?, not that good, but still you don't want to complain anything about this game since it's free. Also BFP4F's download file size is only around 1.3 GB and after installing it's still only around 1.7GB which is really low compared to Battlefield 3 which is around 11GB (I think). There is a small thing I have to complain about this game, and that is the Play 4 Free Funds system. There are lots of things in this game that you have to purchase (For example: Buying new guns, Renaming your soldier, Customize your soldier after the first time, Changing the main soldier, etc, ........) with Play 4 Free funds and you have to pay 'real' money to buy the funds then purchase the thing that you wanted to buy or to do, Which makes the game Play 4 Free to Pay 2 Win. This makes the game impossible to win for players who are really good at this game.

 Overall I'll give this game a rating of 9. This game is really cool but you need lots of Play 4 Free Funds, which you have to pay. Except that all the other things in this game are awesome, there is nothing I can complain about. Graphics are completely ok, there is no problem with that, vehicles runs fine, guns are not bad either.  If you're first person shooter fan or starting to play first person shooter games, like war games, try this game it's for meant for you! you'll love it!

 If you're ready to have some real fun, add me: dashaxe, I've to say, I'm a real good driver in this game. Now I know you're going to jump in to Game-Debate's Battlefield Play 4 Free Page, and I prepared for that. Click Here to visit Game-Debate's Battlefield Play 4 Free Page.

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