Die! Die!! Die!!!


For those of you who don’t know, Alice: Madness returns is a psychological action adventure platformer and the sequel to the legendary "American McGees Alice" game. It easily lives up to the name of its prequel or even better. If you haven’t played the prequel American McGees Alice yet don’t worry it's included with the game or at least with the copy I have :P

The story continues where the prequel left off, about Alice’s hellish life story. It’s not needed to play the prequel just for the sake of understanding the story and you can enjoy the game even without knowing it because you can easily figure out what happened in the prequel while you’re playing the game or you can read a wiki article to find out the story if you’re interested(believe me it's very interesting and is a very twisted version of the Alice's classic story you learn as a kid). You didn’t come here read the story. You came here to find out what my impression of the game is. Right?

The best part about this game are the visuals and level design. Made using Unreal Engine 3 the graphics have a cartoonish Bulletstorm like look it nicely blends with the game to bring out the madness. I of course find the levels in this game the most visually beautiful and creative I have seen in a game. Hence the reason I spent most of my time admiring the the beautiful environments. I guess it’s the artist in me :D

Alice has an interesting arsenal of weapons up her sleeve to help her face the various monstrosities of wonderland (much more appropriate to be called horrorland). The combat in this game gets crazy and intense at times and you’ll be more worried trying to stay alive than taking out the enemies. Creating combos aren’t that exciting with just one weapon so you'll have to get creative and combine your many weapons to achieve a more satisfying combo and to keep the combat interesting and fun. The way you have to takedown each type of enemy is different, some for example will require a couple of shots with a powerful long range weapon to open up its defences before you can engage it directly.

Platforming is fun but challenging. Platforming here is not just jumping from one tile to the next. You will get grind some rails, slide for your life and more. It will require a great deal of effort to reach your next platform without falling to your doom so it sure will be fun and and heart stopping intense at times.

All and all the game is great. Interesting characters and enemies, great story and plot twists, great gameplay and visuals, fun mini games. I can say more about this game but it would be best to trying out this game for yourself and find out the madness of Alice’s harrowing story. I’m sure you won’t have a boring moment ;)  


Such magnificent scenery